Innovative Functional Coatings

Kolzer introduces new functional coatings achievable with the newest sputtering Kolzer machines. The plants, which are currently provided with an already rich databases of available coatings, can now be equipped on request with the following processes: PVD anti-reflex, PVD transparent hydrophobic and nonsticking, PVD solar thermal absorber_low emission, PVD transparent conductive ITO, PVD transparent scratchproof , PVD UV filter, PVD IR filter

New DGK36” HTC I-Chrome- work in progress, people in process

In the laboratory KR&D, Kolzer’s service for the innovation and standardization, which allows to experiment on products of interested companies, new nanotechnology coatings PVD, Plasma and Sputtering (a project already joined by companies like Ferrari Car, Brembo, Illy, BTicino, De Longhi, Philips, Valeo, Banca d’Italia, Bang&Olufsen, Lavazza, Fiat, Gewiss, YKK, Vimar), today has been installed the new DGK36” HTC I-Chrome, the favourite of the DGK series.

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Kolzer for C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation

Commissioned by the EU, the Kolzer staff developed a new co-evaporation system for latent fingerprints on a DGK24” for the Turkish criminal police, in order to note latent fingerprints on evidence found on crime scenes. Delivered and already up and running in order to Strengthen the Police Forensic Capacity.

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The season of Winter Sports is starting

Also for sputtering coatings is beginning the season of winter sports. Fortex srl, a young reality in Montebelluna (TV) North Italy, protagonist of the Festival of Science, Nanotechnologies field, owns 2 DGK36” sputtering plants, providing PVD treatments to a wide range of customers.

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No stopping innovation

Innovation to compete! It has been proved that companies which invest in innovative technologies are constantly growing. The result comes from an European study that has monitored companies of the old continent for the last 10 years: those which have invested in new technologies, have increased their turnover (an average of 10/15% per year).

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When fantasy meets reality

Snow White’s apple turns silver and edible: this is the last project of Kolzer and Ornella Piluso - artist and designer, Dr. Angela Bassoli of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Milan and silversmith company Silvan Srl.

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