New DGK36” HTC I-Chrome- work in progress, people in process

In the laboratory KR&D, Kolzer’s service for the innovation and standardization, which allows to experiment on products of interested companies, new nanotechnology coatings PVD, Plasma and Sputtering (a project already joined by companies like Ferrari Car, Brembo, Illy, BTicino, De Longhi, Philips, Valeo, Banca d’Italia, Bang&Olufsen, Lavazza, Fiat, Gewiss, YKK, Vimar), today has been installed the new DGK36” HTC I-Chrome, the favourite of the DGK series.

An “Hybrid” machine with 2 sputtering DC sources, 1 Sputtering RF source, Plasma cleaning and PECVD, and thermal evaporation. Having the opportunity to test different coatings on various products, companies interested in the nanotechnology world express and explicit the simple function and enable to Kolzer Lab to test in the field the new very-fast process cycle: strong point of the technology HTC (High Tech Coating) seems to be especially the high-vacuum time (1x10-4mbar in just 90 seconds), as well as other optimization on the integrated deposition processes. The software, as usual, is Windows, whose icons have been updated and added some completely new menu; the database has been updated with new process cycles.

Although it is a prototype is extremely refined. The new sputter sources “direct cool” yield very well and the new magnetron optimizes the target erosion. The feeling is of a Quality Plant. To note the ease in passing from a process to another: from metallization to sputtering, from plasma to PECVD. The display is touch screen to facilitate the operator in the management of production cycles.

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