No stopping innovation

Innovation to compete! It has been proved that companies which invest in innovative technologies are constantly growing. The result comes from an European study that has monitored companies of the old continent for the last 10 years: those which have invested in new technologies, have increased their turnover (an average of 10/15% per year).

Those which have not invested into innovation, have remained stable and in many cases have lost market share, or even closed down. In recent years everybody is talking about innovation but very few companies showed that they are capable of it.
The small and medium enterprise can innovate and also really quickly: for example a new reality is a small italian company, which has recently invested and as a result installed a brand new sputtering plant. It has succeeded in a few days work (based on studies and tests carried out over the first months with the R & D group of Kolzer) in developing a new finishing on wooden panels and MDF, with a process really unique and innovative:

  • Preparation and "insulation" of wooden panels and MDF with PECVD process (plasma cleaning and atoms grafting of a "barrier effect” organosilano into the wooden fibres)
  • Primerization through liquid UV without sandpapering
  • Sputtering of metals


The result is a new material, creatively characterised by an innovation of product, process, and design. The colours of these new panels, used in the furniture field, are various: bronze, brass, copper, titanium, steel.

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