Service from A to Z

Among the many requests we receive, we can not forget those from long-standing customers, with whom we have established a strong professional relationship and mutual respect. Our marketing manager has recently received a phone call from a client from Padua who owns a Kolzer machine dating back to 1961, and needed some spare parts. We were pleased we could provide him with all the required components in a very short time.

Kolzer commitment is to provide not only the know-how and our technicians’ experience, but also consumables and spare parts. These are essential to ensure the continuity of the system over the decades, as well as the maintenance of all components, which ensures reliability and consistency of production.
Regular maintenance is therefore essential and our engineers can give you advises for planning the mechanical revision, taking into account conditions and working hours of the system.

Assistance is a vital part of our offer and we count on your satisfaction to double our 60 birthday candles!

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