Corriere della Sera: Kolzer among the most innovative entrepreneurs

Corriere della Sera, the most important Italian newspaper, reports that a panel of ten experts nominated for “Corriere Economy” the more innovative entrepreneurs:
“Kolzer is among the first companies for its prominent role in the innovation continuity and for its progress in research and development in the Italian market; it is the typical example of the challenges to face in the 21St Century..."

Davide D’Esposito, Kolzer’s Chairman, said: "the innovative policy has always been our main instrument for growth, in harmony with the rules and the confrontation of the globalized world. By promoting the culture of innovation and by strengthening the competitiveness, Kolzer encourages the creation and growth of companies based on new knowledge. We actively promote the transfer of low-cost and low-impact technologies from academic institutions and research companies to organizations working in the surface finishing industry. We constantly develop, spur and manage the flow of Kolzer knowledge and technology among universities, R&D centers, companies and the market".

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