Green Technology for Renewable Planet

In the world of renewable sources and in relation with energetic sustainable development, in vacuum processes are the most promising technologies both for technical and economic reasons. Kolzer develops and provides the most updated information about state of the art nanotechnologies for “active” and “electronic” coatings, showing the potentiality of development in the industrial scenario.

Kolzer laboratory offers the opportunity of discovering and applying innovative coatings, always keeping in mind their technical-scientific and economic aspects. Kolzer can also provide samplings and information about process feasibility; it enables an easier correlation between companies’ ambitions, economics and environmental requirements, technology potentiality and markets constraints. Communication allows reciprocal exchange of information and ideas.

Constant research of new materials and coatings to be applied in the manufacturing production is at companies of all sizes disposal; we have been committed for 60 years to improving and completing our machines, offering new solutions, updates and production of new coatings, deepening, evaluating and also bringing into question our know-how, in order to help our customers with innovation.

We demand from science, through R&D, the accomplishment of new solutions. And we will always work to give a “taste” to nanotechnology.

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