Precious Finishings

New sputtering finishings are voted to applications in design and fashion fields, and in particular for people who whish to modify and coat a winner product and transform it in an “instrument of pleasure” starting from its surface; in order to underline its strong impact with the final user, and enhance its new perception of “preciousness”.

The new sputtering finishings’ DNA stands out of its technical characteristic and refinement:

  • Lightness and atoxicity
  • High chemical and mechanical performances
  • Refined finishings
  • Hi-tech impact
  • Fine materials
  • Recyclability and inexpensive cycles
  • Great opportunity of creating a unique and captivating design
  • Personality, colour matching and essentiality

Sputtering perfectly embodies new designers and fashion creators philosophy, describing details’ inspiration for exclusive creations, researching finishings that communicate strong tactile and visual feelings. Character, personality and refined technical solutions, will create not only a concrete product but also a new product image.

9001 gm en IQNet gm al