Kolzer vacuum coatings, positive to WOM test

The results of the exposures to WOM to which we have submit our customers' components in the first equipment of the automotive field, have given positive results. The exposure to WOM (water-o-meter) contemplates the exposure of the pieces to cycles of radiation, rain, humidity to simulate the weather conditions.

It lasted 2000 hours (the standard required by car specifications), the results were positive on all the substrates (plastic and metal) and have shown no alteration: total absence of bubbles, blistering, cracks of the film or loss of gloss.

These results complete the series of chemical resistance tests previously made on Kolzer coatings and positively concluded: evidence of corrosion resistance to salt spray (NSS), acetic salt spray (Aass) and cupro-Saline-acetic spray (Cass) according to the normative ASTM b117 and ISO 9227, resistance to humidity (UNI EN ISO 7380-1), test immersion, resistance to dust, temperature cycles, resistance to liquid (UNI EN ISO 2812-1:1996 and UNI EN ISO 2812-2:1996, water, acid/alkali, hydrocarbons, oil) ageing tests in the light, besides numerous mechanical tests, including shock, bending, adhesion (test of grid UNI EN ISO 2409: 1996) and impact. Other tests are currently in progress.

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