Natural antioxidant for metals

PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) is not a well known process, yet, even though it could solve many problems that companies have to face, because it allows to obtain anticorrosion transparent thin films on metals and alloys, and it’s a valid alternative to traditional anticorrosion treatments that, using chemical baths, are highly pollutant.

Like all vacuum processes, PECVD is a “clean” technology that doesn’t require solvents, water, detergents, nor disposal systems, and uses very low quantities of reagents (for ex. Silicon compounds), making it economically attractive, too.

The technology consists in introducing all the elements in the process chamber, make them react and deposit on the substrate, which is “dipped” in a plasma environmnet . Internal characteristics of the material are not changed by this superficial deposit, but thanks to the plasma a very strong link will be created between the substrate and the film.

Kolzer experience shows that PECVD is a very reliable and flexible process that can be used by companies working in the finishing sector, by mechanic industry and chemical industries that are using critical processes. All these realities require processes that can create a barrier effect on brass and stainless steel substrates (for ex. on plates) that in contact with atmospheric agents will soon show signs of corrosion.

With PECVD is possible to solve this criticalness depositing anticorrosive clean films with high added value.

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