Sputtering metal

The fabric becomes metal

Sputtering is a revolutionary new treatment for fabrics, to make them more functional. The metallic coating on fabric with Sputtering is very thin, only 20nm, and is obtained by bombarding the metal with a beam of particles or ions.

The affected atoms recondense on the surface of the fabric and create a film of excellent quality, which does not involve any significant variation in weight or thickness compared to the beginning.

The special coating with Sputtering, depending on the metal used, can create an antibacterial, antiviral, conductive, thermal insulation, flame retardant, water-repellent layer, can absorb and reflect infrared and UV rays, etc.

Sputtering makes the fabric very resistant to humidity and also ensures greater mechanical and chemical resistance, it is antistatic and therefore helps to reduce the deposit of dust and the texture is not blocked, allowing air to circulate.

The machines produced by Kolzer can also continuously coat on reels with a roll to roll sputtering system.

Colors: Gold, Copper, Silver, Bronze, Light gray and black.

Kolzer signed fabric.

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