Antibacterial finishing

New Kolzer Coating Machines with Permanent Antibacterial and Antiviral Surface

Scientific studies have shown that this chemical element has antibacterial and antiviral properties; with Kolzer machines it can be applied on all surfaces by means of Sputtering

An antibacterial copper coating, to be "sputtered" on the surfaces with which you come into contact daily, allows to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus (Covid-19).
To say it is a research by the University of Southampton, in the United Kingdom, according to which this metal has antibacterial properties. "In this paper, we demonstrated that using antimicrobial copper contact surfaces could not only disrupt the chain of contamination, but at the same time actively reduce the risk of developing antibiotic resistance," said Professor Bill Keevil, chief of CORDIS. of the Environmental Health Department of the University of Southampton (here the link) -. This is on condition that the critical environments continue to be adequately cleaned; copper can be used as an important additional tool in the fight against pathogens ».

In fact, door and window handles, handrails, light switches and elevator buttons, to name just a few, are the objects we touch the most. And especially in this period of emergency, but not only, it is necessary to sanitize them continuously, as OMS also suggests in latest version of the document "Indications for the sanitation of internal environments to prevent the transmission of SARS -COV 2 "
In any case, as already mentioned, an antibacterial copper coating allows to further reduce the risk of the transmission of the Covid-19.

Precisely for this reason Kolzer continues to make its contribution in facing the health emergency that is affecting the whole world. How? Providing skills and machinery for the vacuum deposition of copper nanoparticles on the surfaces with which you come into contact on a daily basis.

"Kolzer machines allow you to apply an antibacterial copper coating using the Sputtering technique - explained Antonio D’Esposito, Director of Kolzer -. The process is fast, cheap and, above all, eco-friendly. In fact, the processing is carried out in a vacuum and this allows the metal to be deposited on any surface with high efficiency, uniformity and functionality ".
Currently, around 6 industrial reactors for tests and trials are available and ready for use at the Cologno Monzese- Milan headquarters.

"Although Kolzer is an international reality, we are very attached to our origins - concluded D’Esposito -. And precisely for this reason we want to make our contribution in facing this period of health emergency ".

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