Kolzer anti-fingerprint coating (AF)

Fingerprints daily imprint on any surface of an object and are very difficult to remove, causing poor appearance and negatively affecting durability.
KOLZER AF® Coating new technology allows to coat a substrate with a thin and transparent nanostructured and super-hydrophobic film, giving it Anti-Fingerprint characteristics.

It is an invisible and flexible coating, obtained at room temperature, which can be used on all surfaces.
Our KOLZER Anti-Fingerprint (AF) coating creates a protective layer on the surface of an object to prevent the effects fingerprint oils and dirt.


Our treatment is eco-friendly as it requires low quantities of consumables, does not use solvents and does not require any disposal of by-products.
The systems designed and produced by KOLZER are suitable for satisfying every need and same performance can be obtained on all surfaces, such as: metals, alloys, polymers and plastics, wood, glass ...

KOLZER AF® coating characteristics

  • Increasing of surface hardness
  • Anticorrosion
  • Increasing of acid and alkaline resistance
  • Super-hydrophobic surface
  • Flexible
  • Chemically inhert
  • Food safe
  • Strong adhesion to the substrate
  • Impact resistant
  • Transparent

Research carried out by our technicians, the constant cooperation with our customers and the most important laboratories worldwide, have allowed us to optimize the anti-fingerprint process, making it usable for everyone and finally offering the market a valid answer to the problem.

Contact our headquarters, our technicians will be at your disposal for any information you may require.

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