PVD for additive manufacturing systems (3D-printed parts)

3D printing processes (SLA, SLS, MJP, CJP and DMP) are revolutionizing the way to design, produce and use many components, both in polymer and in metal, for applications in industry and in everyday life.

By this technology it’s possible to print quickly 3D parts (based on customized designs) of plastics (PA11, PA11, composites, other polymers and elastomers) and metals (Titanium, stainless Steel, Aluminum alloys, Nickel super alloys, Kovar, etc.).


KOLZER PVD metal coat machines solve common 3D-Printed mold and part problems: the right PVD coating on a 3D-printed mold might prove to reduce the impact of wear, friction, harsh chemicals and materials or heat, increasing molded parts life and performance (we are talking about nano-layer thicknesses, then they don't knock the part out of engineering tolerances).

Surface preparation, cleaning and handling is key. Metals are a lot easier than nonmetals, as they do not absorb oils and are not as porous as the nonmetals, so there is no trapped air, for example. Plastic parts are more porous and take longer time for cleaning and preparing within the vacuum process chamber.

The union between the KOLZER PVD metal coat machines and 3D print systems guarantee a better future for all!

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