Dior Iride


PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) multicolor TiO2 (titanium dioxide) Iride is a thin film coating that is applied to surfaces using a vacuum deposition process. The result is a multicolored iridescent effect, similar to the colors seen in a rainbow, that is due to the interference and diffraction of light.

During the PVD process, a high-purity titanium target is bombarded with ions in a vacuum chamber, causing the titanium to be vaporized and deposited as a thin film onto the surface to be coated. The process is carefully controlled and by adding streams of pure oxygen to achieve a specific thickness and composition of the titanium dioxide film.

The multicolor effect is achieved by controlling the thickness of the titanium dioxide film, which affects the interference and diffraction of light. As light strikes the coated surface, some wavelengths of light are reflected while others are absorbed and re-emitted. The thickness of the titanium dioxide film determines which wavelengths of light interfere constructively, resulting in the colors seen in the iridescent effect.

Overall, PVD multicolor Kolzer coatings are often used for decorative or aesthetic purposes in industries such as automotive, jewelry, and consumer electronics.

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