Quality policy

Kolzer is aware of the challenges and opportunities that the market imposes and that rapid and successful decisions are needed to address them.

Our firm belief is respect for these values:

  • Passion for our work which manifests itself through strong attention to the expectations of our Customers to guarantee their satisfaction;
  • Ethics understood as transparency and reliability in maintaining the commitments undertaken both towards customers and internal staff;
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the organizational system as a whole.

These values ​​are pursued through the implementation of the following objectives:

  • Qualify our company among the leaders in its sector;
  • Achieve, maintain and improve a quality of workmanship and service such as to continuously and completely satisfy the Customer's expectations;
  • Operate in a context of general innovation and technological improvement, flexibility, precision, organisation, efficiency and profit
  • Awarely manage the risks and opportunities characteristic of the activities carried out;
  • Systematically ensure compliance with the specific regulatory and technical requirements defined by the Customers based on the applications for which the machinery made by Kolzer is intended.

To achieve the objectives highlighted above Kolzer is committed to implementing, developing and supporting the following activities:

  • The establishment, achievement and maintenance of a Management System compliant with the ISO 9001 standard;
  • Constant monitoring of the quality level of the work carried out and the services of its suppliers;
  • The constant improvement of the organization through qualified resources and the use of suitable equipment
  • Constant monitoring of processes through appropriate indicators.
  • The conscious management of the risks and opportunities connected to the activities carried out
  • Constant in-depth analysis of the context in which the company operates and its evolution over time



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