Sputtering metal

The fabric becomes metal

Sputtering is a revolutionary new treatment for fabrics, to make them more functional. The metallic coating on fabric with Sputtering is very thin, only 20nm, and is obtained by bombarding the metal with a beam of particles or ions.


The fashion accessory is colored by Sputtering

Since a long time Kolzer manufactures PVD sputtering equipment and provide the specific know-how to produce coatings in the field of fashion accessories, footwear, clothes, leather goods, buttons and components able to adapt functionality to trend and offers exclusive finishes and colors: solutions that take into account the productive, functional, economic and design aspects.


Kolzer it goes against the flow and raises the estimates for this year

Despite the difficulties of the world economy, the summits of the company have improved growth estimates for this year. The results achieved in the first half of this year confirm a period of strong growth for Kolzer. New installations for Beghelli in China (owners of 3 Kolzer PVD PECVD plants) for the civil and industrial lighting field and Olsa S.p.A. in Poland for the automotive lighting of Volkswagen and Audi Group.

Nothing new under the sun ... or almost

It is narrated that during the siege of Syracuse in 213 BC, Archimedes was able to defeat the fleet of the Roman general Marcello by using the energy of the sun. With a concave mirror made of hundreds metal shields that reflected sunlight, Archimedes directed the beam of energy on the enemy’s ships that caught fire.


A Nano evolution, a Big innovation

Atomic-scale industry, nano-technology - a set of techniques for working the material atom by atom - have entered our daily lives. Are already being used in DVD players, cars, etc.. The term 'nano' plays a great industrial revolution, and indicates processing at the nanoscale (one billionth of a meter). Open the "frontier of the infinitely small," the physical chemistry of materials, the new technoscience of the matter.