Making efficient coatings everywhere?

Thanks to the innovative and very efficient vacuum coating systems, Kolzer is able to offer everything a modern coating really need.
Kolzer is constantly in development and addressing new challenges: The basic skill, innovation and quality are inseparable from our way of operating. We stand out for our ability to integrate resources into development projects of new products and technologies for our customers.

Experiment, define processes and industrialize in order to produce economic levels of quality set. We can guide our clients toward the most convenient choice, offering the ability to innovate their products and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Create new surfaces. With cutting-edge technologies and clean production processes, we make commercially available materials with surfaces structurally altered having owned both functional and aesthetic highly innovative uses that contribute to improving the quality of life. Fifty-year experienced experts in the chemistry and physical surface treatments as well as young talents who have completed their university training in nanotechnology and surface physics work together in Kolzer. Since 1952.

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