SVC 2008 Consolidates No. 1 Position of Kolzer in the European Vacuum Coating Companies

Kolzer will attend at SVC 2008, the 51st International Exhibition and Annual Technical Conference staging Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago IL , from April 19 - 24, 2008, promising to the visitors a host of new technologies and solutions for enhancing their business competitiveness in the vacuum coating solutions. Kolzer is a longstanding European member of the American Society of Vacuum Coaters SVC.

Precious Finishings

New sputtering finishings are voted to applications in design and fashion fields, and in particular for people who whish to modify and coat a winner product and transform it in an “instrument of pleasure” starting from its surface; in order to underline its strong impact with the final user, and enhance its new perception of “preciousness”.

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Extended Kolzer facility in Cologno Monzese

Completed the extension works of Kolzer production site started in Spring 2007; doubled the area intended for production, assembly and testing of sputtering plants of third generation.
Kolzer facility in Cologno Monzese, Milan, produces sputtering plants for deposition in high vacuum, high vacuum metallization plants and vacuum plasma plants. The systems are mainly exported to 30 different countries.

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Green Technology for Renewable Planet

In the world of renewable sources and in relation with energetic sustainable development, in vacuum processes are the most promising technologies both for technical and economic reasons. Kolzer develops and provides the most updated information about state of the art nanotechnologies for “active” and “electronic” coatings, showing the potentiality of development in the industrial scenario.

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Integrated In Line Processes: Kolzer Productive Multiline

Moulding and Sputtering coating, or Moulding, Sputtering and Varnishing in order to offer greater quality and product care to the final customer.
These are standard in interaction and in line optimised, more and more requested for in series production and as per customer specifications. Kolzer offer includes semi-automatic lines for small/medium production volumes, up to fully automated lines for fulfilling important loads with precision and reliability.

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