Kolzer vacuum coatings, positive to WOM test

The results of the exposures to WOM to which we have submit our customers' components in the first equipment of the automotive field, have given positive results. The exposure to WOM (water-o-meter) contemplates the exposure of the pieces to cycles of radiation, rain, humidity to simulate the weather conditions.

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The Strength of Experience, the Courage of Innovation

The power of wellness within the company. Kolzer: a compelling story about the courage to do business where the human development process is strategic. Company humanism; The conduct in the company; Valorization of human resources; The employment relationship. Companies often rely on cutting staff or reducing the investment in R&D, but Kolzer attitude is different: qualified personnel can not be touched, on the contrary, with innovation, is the trump card for achieving new goals.

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SVC 2008 Consolidates No. 1 Position of Kolzer in the European Vacuum Coating Companies

Kolzer will attend at SVC 2008, the 51st International Exhibition and Annual Technical Conference staging Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago IL , from April 19 - 24, 2008, promising to the visitors a host of new technologies and solutions for enhancing their business competitiveness in the vacuum coating solutions. Kolzer is a longstanding European member of the American Society of Vacuum Coaters SVC.

Precious Finishings

New sputtering finishings are voted to applications in design and fashion fields, and in particular for people who whish to modify and coat a winner product and transform it in an “instrument of pleasure” starting from its surface; in order to underline its strong impact with the final user, and enhance its new perception of “preciousness”.

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